Goodies Wastewater Supplies owns this website and is an official distributor for the Yasunaga product, marketed as Thomas in Australia. Yasunaga has established trust in the air pump industry since first manufacturing air pumps in 1972. Yasunaga’s technology through years of experience and its quality control system has achieved the production of the finest parts for the highest quality products. Yasunaga has successfully achieved an excellent reputation and in recent years Yasunaga has lined up an abundant variation of products to meet the upgrading and diversifying market needs.
Product Features
The vibrating part is constructed so the actuating rod, supported by two special synthetic rubber diaphragms vibrates laterally and this allows long-term continuous operation.
No Lubrication
There is no sliding portion between moving parts meaning there is no lubrication required and the exhausted air is always clean.
High Efficiency
Due to the electromagnetic vibration construction which eliminates sliding parts, Yasunaga air pumps are energy efficient with low power consumption in comparison to the volume of air output.
Compact and Powerful
Yasunaga air pumps employ the use of a perfectly-balanced vibration mechanism using two electromagnets, one in the front and the other in the rear. This mechanism allows for a compact size with a powerful output.
Low Noise
Soundproofing construction from the viewpoint of air circulation and vibration is the key factor in the design of low noise linear air pumps. Yasunaga air pumps are exceptionally quiet.
Smooth Air Flow
Because the exhaust air volume is very constant and there is less pulsation, Yasunaga air pumps are suitable for applications which require consistent air pressure and supply.
Simple Maintenance
Replacement parts for Yasunaga air pumps are readily available and can easily be installed. When all the perishable parts are replaced the Yasunaga air pump is returned to an as new status eliminating the need to replace the whole air pump, substantially reducing the cost of ownership.
Where to Buy
Goodies Wastewater Supplies is an official distributor with a network of Dealers throughout Australia and carries a full range of Yasunaga air pumps as well as spares for the following models: LP-60A, LP-70H, LP8-0H, LP-80HN, LP-100A, LP-100H, LP-120A, LP-120H, LP-150H,LP-150HN, LP-200H and LP-200HN. To locate a Goodies Wastewater Supplies Dealer click here.